Are You An Adventure Sports Enthusiast? Check Out these Places for Water Sports in India

There’s a lot that you can do in India to feel the adrenaline rush. Be it paragliding, bungee jumping, hiking, ziplining etc. But the thrill of water sports in India is a little more fulfilling. You can try surfing, parasailing, wakeboarding, water skiing, jet skiing, wind surfing etc. at various top cities in the country.


Be it Rishikesh, Andamans, Kovalam or Pondicherry, these tourist destinations are popular for offering an array of water sports activities to the adventure sports enthusiasts. You can plan a trip with your like minded friends and go on a fun-filled journey.


Here are some of the best places for water sports in India.



Adventure sports enthusiasts are in for a treat at Rishikesh as they get to choose from an array of options, be it body surfing or cliff jumping. No matter what your level of expertise is, you can have a fun time participating in these activities. If you have been eagerly waiting to try white water rafting then head to Kaudiyala. It's a gorgeous village that offers a river rafting stretch of grade 4+. Situated at an altitude of 380 m, you can also enjoy the spectacular views of the hill as you descend down rafting the popular Danies Dip and Three Mice Blind.


If you are not looking forward to participate in highly adventurous activities, you can try body surfing, which is an exciting sport that doesn't require any prior experience. As a novice, you can also take part in cliff jumping. The heart pounding experience of jumping from a 30-40 ft high cliff into the ice cold water will become a lifetime memory. Don’t forget to try kayaking, one of the top 10 water sports in India; even if you are a beginner. There are many kayaking stretches throughout the region and they also have experienced experts to help you out when in need.



Pondicherry is a popular tourist attraction in the south Indian region. It is crowded with both international and Indian travelers all round the year. The city’s landscape is filled with French style of architecture and gives it a distinct continental charm. There are numerous beaches in Pondicherry that are ideal for relaxing or participating in water sports. You can have a thrilling experience by opting for scuba diving. Some of the top places to try this sport are The Hole, Temple Reef, 4 Corners, Aravind’s Wall, Ravines and Cool Shark Reef.



Kavaratti in Lakshadweep is a heaven for people who want to try water sports in india. Here you can participate in a lot of water sports activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, canoeing, and scuba diving. The beautiful lagoon here is calm and relaxing. It is also perfect for yachting, swimming, and kayaking. It also has a unique glass bottom boat that is recommended for those who cannot swim. This will allow you to visually explore the exotic marine life. One of the most visited attractions here is the Dolphin Drive Center.

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Zanskar Valley is located at an altitude of 12,000 ft and is an ideal place for the adventurous and experienced people. Even the skilled rafters find it difficult to raft in the mighty Zanskar River. You can tackle rapids of various grades from 1-4 as you enjoy the scenic beauty of the valley. At the end of this gorgeous valley, the Grand Canyon of India waits for you. Also known as Zanskar Canyon, it is a grade 4 region with spectacular views and an option to try kayaking as well.

So, why wait? Pack your bags for an exciting trip to the Zanskar region. Even if you are not an expert, you can always try learning new things.



Kovalam is a beautiful small town located in the south Indian state of Kerala. It has three beaches – Samudra, Lighthouse, and Hanwah. This place is popular among people who want to try different adventure sports lovers as it has spectacular landscapes. The waves hitting the shores of the beach will tempt you to go for a swim. Kayaking and boating are some of the most popular sports here but you can also opt to go for unique experiences by participating in windsurfing, water skiing, and parasailing. There are experts who are trained in handling novices so even as a beginner you can participate in all the water sports in India without any fear. Also, don’t forget to try backwater cruising in Kovalam as it will give you an insight of marine life from up close.


Andaman Islands

The beautiful Andamans is one of the best places for water sports in India. There are an array of activities that you can participate in to have an adrenaline rush. Be it snorkeling, scuba diving or walking under the sea. It also has a glass bottom boat that will give you a glimpse of the underwater world without making you wet. There is also an option to get on a semi-submarine to get a once in a lifetime experience.

There are countless other places where you can try water sports in India. You can plan a trip with your best buddies and head to the top places for having a fun-filled experience. Have you been to any of the places mentioned above? Comment below and let us know about your trip.

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So, why wait? Plan your itinerary today!

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