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mobile app development company gurgaon

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mobile app development company gurgaon

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mobile app development company gurgaon

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mobile app development company gurgaon

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mobile app development company gurgaon

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EDIIIE is India’s largest solution provider for AR/VR/MR, games, blockchain, metaverse, NFT, and other web3 needs, focusing on quality and customer satisfaction. 
At EDIIIE, we believe that constant innovation is the key to creating highly customized and inspiring industry solutions. Working together with a myriad of industries like Defence, Aviation, Retail, Tourism, Healthcare, Education, Consumer Goods, Power, and many more, we leave no stone unturned in surpassing every quality and innovation benchmark. 

Join hands with EDIIIE to discover a world of digital possibilities.

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Top Mobile App Development Company in Gurgaon

Gurgaon is a hub of IT companies and mobile app developers in Gurgaon. Many top app developers are located in the city. They offer services such as planning, UX/UI design, development and testing of mobile applications on different platforms, including iOS, Android or Windows.

It is important to choose the best mobile app development Compny in Gurgaon if you want a quality app within your budget and time constraints. This is a list of important factors that you should consider before choosing a mobile application development company in Gurgaon.

Types of Mobile Apps Developed in Gurgaon

Gurgaon's mobile app developers are experienced in all kinds of applications:

  • Native apps: These are developed specifically for one mobile operating system, such as iOS or Android. Best performance, but require separate apps for each platform.
  • Hybrid apps: A combination of web and native applications. One codebase can be used on all platforms. Performance is lower than native applications.
  • One codebase can be used for all platforms. Hybrid apps are a compromise between native apps and native.
  • Apps that run in a browser. Web Apps: Browser-based apps.
  • Wearable apps: for smart watches, bands and glasses, etc. Need special UI/UX design.
  • AR/VR apps: Apps for augmented reality and virtuality. Useful in retail, games, and real estate.

Gurgaon app developers will build your apps for all platforms and devices based on the requirements of your application or target audience.

Top Mobile App Development Companies In Gurgaon

The following are some of the top mobile app developers in Gurgaon who have a proven track record:


OpenXcell, founded in 2009 with over 250 employees has produced more than 1000 apps. The company specializes in developing native Android and iOS applications. Past clients include Citibank, Nestle, MTV, Domino's etc.


QBurst was founded in 2000 and has since developed over 800 apps across various verticals such as finance, health, media, retail, etc. The company offers end-to-end services for app development.

Hidden Brains

Hidden Brains is a custom app developer trusted by Fortune 500 firms. The company has 150+ experts in mobile, cloud and web platforms.


MindInventory helps startups and enterprise build innovative apps. They have expertise in VR/AR, IoT, enterprise mobility, and app testing.

Mobisoft Infotech

Mobisoft Infotech has been developing complex mobile apps with agility for a variety of clients. They have mobile apps for fintech, media and real estate. Also, they offer social games, gaming, gaming, and more.


RipenApps creates high-quality, scalable mobile applications for diverse uses, including healthcare, ecommerce and real estate. They were founded in 2010 and combine technology with business strategy to create effective mobile solutions.

Here is a small sample of some of the most accomplished Gurgaon-based mobile app developers.

The Key Factors to Consider When Choosing A Mobile App Developer In Gurgaon

When choosing a Gurgaon mobile app company, you should consider the following factors:

The Industry Experience

You should look for experience that has been proven in the app and industry category you are interested in. Fintech experience is a good example for building an app in the finance category.

Specialized Technical Knowledge

It is important that the company has expertise in mobile platforms, as well as latest technologies such AI/ML and IoT. You will need to have the following for your application.

App Portfolio

Examine the apps developed by the company in order to gain a better understanding of their capabilities.

The cost of the product

Compare the pricing models: hourly, project based and dedicated developer resources. Costs are based on the complexity and scope your app needs.

Development Approach

Assess their development methodologies, such as agile or waterfall. Agile software development is best for app needs that are complex and evolving.

The Quality Processes

For example, the company must follow quality assurance practices such as test automation, security tests, and easy maintenance.

Support Reliability

After the app is launched, it's important to provide updates and support after launch for an app.

Customer Reviews

Customer satisfaction can be gauged by the feedback of past customers.


The Mobile App Development Process in Gurgaon

From planning to launch, reputed Gurgaon mobile app developers follow a structured process.

Needs Analysis

The first step involves gathering client requirements, such as the purpose and target audience of an app, any features required, preferences for UX/UI, etc.

The Technical Design

Architecture, stack of technologies, integrations, etc. The requirements are taken into consideration when designing the product. Finalized platforms, databases, and APIs.

UI/UX Design

Apps are designed with wireframes, visual designs and a focus on user experience. The user flows, interface and interactions are designed.

Test & Development

Here is where the actual coding of an app or its construction takes place. Software is developed using agile techniques. Testing is rigorous.

Launch & Post Launch Assistance

App stores are launched after the client has approved it. Updates, maintenance, and new features are all supported. post launch.

Gurgaon firms have the industry-best practices and technical expertise required to execute the entire mobile app lifecycle.


Mobile App Development Services in Gurgaon

Gurgaon offers a wide range of companies that specialize in mobile application development. These firms have experience with a variety of industries, technologies, and domains. Before selecting the best partner, do thorough research on what you need and make sure that your needs are clearly defined. You should choose a company that has relevant expertise in app development, solid processes, a proven track record, and affordable pricing. It will guarantee the timely delivery of an scalable, high-quality mobile app in line with budget.


Questions and Answers about Mobile App Development Company Gurgaon

Q1. How much does app development cost in Gurgaon and how long takes it?

Costs can vary from 1 lakh rupees (for a simple mobile app) to 25 lakh rupees or more for enterprise-level apps that are developed in 3-6 month. The cost and time depend on the features, their complexity, and whether they are developed by a large team or if a company is paying inflated rates.


Q2. How do I choose between Android or iOS app development?

In India, Android users are more numerous than iOS users. Maximize your reach by developing for both. Gurgaon has many companies that offer both Android and iOS native development.


Q3. Should I consider cross-platform development for my project?

The advantages of cross-platform development include a single codebase, faster time to market and fewer bugs. Native development offers the best performance and experience for users. Trade-offs should be evaluated based on the app's requirements.


Q4. How can I find the mobile app development company best-suited for my app project?

Select companies according to their industry expertise, customer reviews, and technical abilities. Ask for proposals explaining your app needs. Comparing proposals, choose the best-priced one that offers the expertise you need.


Q5. What should I look for in a Gurgaon mobile app developer?

You can ask about the team's experience with similar apps, their strengths and weaknesses. Also, inquire about post-launch service reliability, future platform upgrade policies, payment and pricing terms, and how they handle customer support.

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